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Downloading and Installing Shunde

Shunde is a class library for .NET 2.0.  The first step is to download the DLL file from the download page. Shunde is strongly signed, which means you can install it into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC), or simply copy it to each project you use.

To use Shunde from the Global Assembly Cache, copy the DLL file into your %WINDOWS%\assembly path, and copy Shunde.* into %WINDOWS%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ which will make it easier to access Shunde from Visual Studio etc.   From within Visual studio, right-click your Project, click "Add Reference", and select "Shunde" from the ".NET" tab.

To use Shunde without adding it to the Global Assembly Cache in Visual Studio 2005, simply select "Add Reference" from your project and under the "Browse" tab, browse to Shunde.dll.

To use Shunde in non-Visual Studio development environments, simply add a reference to Shunde as you would with any other class library.

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