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Welcome to my website. At the moment, this site contains information on research I have done during my studies at the University of Auckland, photos, and information on the open-source Shunde.NET Framework.


Articles and image resizing

17 Jun 2009

I've written a couple more articles on writing DSLs at code project:
Writing Your First Domain Specific Language, Part 1 of 2
Writing your first Domain Specific Language, Part 2 of 2

Also, if you ever find the need to resize images online, whether to compress and upload to your website, or to resize and email, check out this free online image resizing service.


New Articles

29 Apr 2008

I have recently written a couple of programming-related articles posted at CodeProject:


Launch of Picwa.com

28 Feb 2008

A former colleague and myself have recently released a new photo sharing website.  Yes, there are already many, however none are as simple to use as Picwa. Simply install Picwa, select a folder, and copy photos to that folder.  They will automatically be uploaded without you needing to even log into a website.  To create a new online photo album, simply create a new folder and copy your photos in. To try it, visit www.picwa.com.



Site Overhaul

12:22pm, 15 Oct 2006
The site has been completely overhauled, and there is a new section on the open-source Shunde.NET Framework - if you develop in .NET, check it out.


Market-oriented Programming

2:16pm, 29 Apr 2006
Added a survey on market oriented programming I wrote, along with the report detailing an implementation of this paradigm.


Xintan Fengjian

8:33pm, 5 Mar 2006
Finally uploaded these photos I took in a small, river-based town in Guangdong, China.


Meshless Deformations Based On Shape Matching

8:05pm, 5 Mar 2006
Added a report and implementation regarding the simulation of deformable objects.


Threat Analysis of Emanation-Based Attacks

6:46pm, 1 Dec 2005
Added a report I did on emanation-based attacks. For example, a computer can ascertain that which you are writing by analysing the slight differences in sound that your keyboard's keys make.


Neural network, vision based path finding

11:26pm, 4 Sep 2005
Added a report on a project I did where an agent navigates around a virtual city environment using only what it can "see" as input to a neural network. The output of the neural network controls the steering of the agent, getting it to its goal location while avoiding obstacles.


Case based reasoning

26 May 2005
Added a case based reasoner, with implementation details, to the 'research' section.



1:18pm, 5 Jan 2005
Added photos of Shunde, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.