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What does "Shunde" mean? How is it pronounced?

Shunde is a city in Guangdong, China. I chose to name the Framework Shunde mainly because I wanted a unique name which would not clash with other libraries, and I also wanted something that is easy to type. It is pronounced with two syllables: "Shun" like the "shion" in "cushion", and "de" like the "da" in "da da".


Dear Mr Flower, Although I found your "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions) section, highly informative...

... I still have an outstanding questions which you may be able to help me with. Namely, in your question "HIIP"? (How is it pronounced?) You liken the syllable "de" to the "da" in "da da". I wonder, Sir, if you could be more specific with your reference; is this "da da" as in Greenday's "Do da da" or, is it more of a "da da" as in "The jitterbug! la da da da dee da da da, da da dee do do la da da da dee da da da, da da dee do do" ? Thank you for your kind enquiry. The "da" is a very quick "da", similar to the "da" in 50 (Fifty) Cent's song, "In da (the) club".


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