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Guangzhou is in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong - the area formerly known as Canton. Just 90 minutes by train from Hong Kong, it's located in the Pearl River delta, and is one of the largest, most successful cities in China. These photos were taken in December 2004.
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posted by whawha on 28/01/2005 10:18:59 p.m. (NZ time)
I am from Guangzhou, nice pictures!
the city
posted by marie on 22/06/2006 4:30:39 p.m. (NZ time)
this pic really captures the great archictacture of this plce
posted by nikko chu on 13/07/2006 7:34:30 a.m. (NZ time)
the images of the angles makes the pictures look really professonal
Good photo
posted by Laurence on 22/07/2008 9:25:54 p.m. (NZ time)
Nice to see my wife's home city in China.
posted by Makz on 1/10/2012 4:35:57 a.m. (NZ time)
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